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01-11-02          ..

            Loaded the van and got most of the things in place.  Then John called to advise about the roll of film (already done up for Ottawa that and 16 other rolls).  He also requested that I retrieve some of the individual air tubes for Cone Calorimeter tests.  So, on the way out at 1830, I stopped at J Hangar to collect the following exhibits from bulk box Exh #1-14332, Exh #1-13783, #1-13784, #1-13785, #1-13786, #1-13787, & #1-13788.  All are individual air supply ducts.  Each is individually bagged and marked.

            Before leaving, Vic GERDEN called to speak to me about the trip overtime.  He has a very mild-mannered way about him, but he definitely wants to come to some agreement over the time so it doesnt all go against them.  I told him that we had an agreement the last time until Insp. LATHEM put a stop to it.  At the end, we did agree that I would extend my stay until Monday at their expense so I could travel back on at least some regular work time.  Im not really happy with having to stay down over the weekend if we are not working.  What also peeves me is all the overtime claimed in the hangar & elsewhere by some of the TSB members, while at the same time for three years I worked many hundreds of hours at no cost.

            Vic also mentioned that Don ENNS will be returning some of the cockpit seat and other items shortly.  Will have to speak with him about it this week.  We also mentioned upcoming events in the hangar, and the fact that I am already running behind on my days off. 

            When I finished with GERDEN, I called Insp. LATHEM at 1630 hrs.  He said that he had not heard anything back yet on the travel authority, and that he would make a phone call.  About five minutes later he called to say that it had not yet been signed, but that verbal authorization had been given, so it was ok to go.  Seems like a strange way of running an organization!




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