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01-11-14          …..

            Don ENNS called to advise that my end-date has tentatively now been extended to 01-12-14.  It seems that Vic GERDEN is sending a memo to Insp. LATHEM, and he is endorsing it and passing it on to my new boss (that may be the new Insp., and as far as I know, he has not yet arrived from ‘B’ Div.)  Also, GERDEN wants me on the next FAA test, but is concerned about travel.  So, it looks as if I will be adjusting my time off leading up to the trip.  Not a problem, so long as I can get it.

            Don also mentioned about the burn test.  He has been thinking about Rick LYON’s suggestion of putting everything in the frame and burning it.  He would like to carry it out, but John is hesitant.  The suggestion was that perhaps some frame pieces could be suspended in the fire to see what effect it would have on them.  The problem is that as a test, it is totally slanted one way.  The frame pieces would be unfairly exposed to an excessive amount of burning material, and there is no heat sink effect to go with it.  So, if the metal does melt, then it tells us nothing.  If it doesn’t melt, then it tells us a great deal, that something had to have been added to generate even more heat to create all the molten frames that we have. 

            Don feels that there would be no support from high up in the TSB for such a test.  I have put the reason for this point of view forward to our people and have been shot down, but Don agrees with me.  That is the TSB would lose the value of all of their safety recommendations if this fire was proven to be something other than an accident.  None of the companies would spend the money, especially now post 9-11, to undertake the safety recommendations if it was shown that the fire had been of a criminal origin.  So, any test such as this would have to be undertaken simply on their own (Don & John) and suffer the recriminations after.  I don’t know if they will undertake it.  We shall see!  I don’t see a whole lot to lose by doing it.  If it were to come out without melting the aluminium, it would be the only way to get the matter resolved, as our Force will not act unless the TSB tell them something is wrong.

            Don requested several of the set-up photos for his trip report, so sending them off this afternoon.

            Then John called about the extension, and about Sunday.  They are to plan as if I am going on the next FAA trip.  No major problems otherwise, except that he is glad that I am working Sunday, as they do not know where the boxes are for the IFEN systems.


            Message in from Jim FOOT.

From: "Foot, Jim" <>

To: "''" <>

Subject: FedEx Package

Date:  Wed, 14 Nov 2001 13:04:13 -0500

Hi Tom,

Just to let you know there will be a box of wires heading your way to-day for the show and not tell next Tuesday. Also, there will be a second box of wires tomorrow, both to your attention. I'll hand carry the copper beads. As soon as I get the exhibit numbers electronically, I'll email them to you.

Jim Foot  TSB Engineering, .....

            So the molten beads will also be down.  Will have to do up exhibit movements for them on Sunday when I meet up with Jim.

            Later, another message was received from Jim listing all of the exhibit numbers being sent.  The file is saved in today’s email.

            Also, checked my Force email to find that my transfer notice back to Halifax FIS is out, effective tomorrow, dated the 13th.  Nice that I was consulted about the matter!  But then, not unusual that I wasn’t!  I am continuing to work as though I have another extension to 01-12-15.  I still have ten days (100 hrs) to take off, and then it will take at least two days to move my gear.

(Clarification:)  Jim thought he was joking by calling the meeting "the show and not tell", but in reality they were deceiving everyone by not disclosing the truth about the AES results and the magnesium issue.  It's also interesting that Don used the term "putting everything in the frame".  Dr. Lyon called for 1000 gm of metallized mylar, not "everything".




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