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01-11-19          Message in from Dr. LYON regarding the Phase 2 burn test.  Spoke with John GARSTANG about it, and he has spoken to LYON.  He was of the misunderstanding that we were trying to re-enact the actual burn.  However, all we are trying to do is burn the duct, and to determine the amount of heat it will produce and how it acts.  Nothing more.  LYON’s email follows:

Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2001 11:04:26 -0500

From: rlyon@xxxxx (Richard E Lyon)

Subject: Re: FW: SR111 Fire/Explosion Group Meeting 27/11/01;

To: "Garstang; John" <>, "Enns; Don" <>, "Sidla; Gus" <>, "'Juby Tom'" <>

Cc: "'Sarkos Gus'"  "'Cahill Patricia'  "'Blake Dave'"  "'Marker Tim'"  "'Hill Richard'"

            I just spoke with Prof. Jim Quintiere at U. of Maryland and he has serious concerns about the Swissair phase II testing plan using radiant heaters instead of a real fire in the mock-up at the FAA WJ Hughes Technical Center, and the role that dust may have played in the scenario.

            Since Jim is a world recognized expert in fire and is familiar with the test and test rig here at WJHTC, I strongly suggest that the TSB folks contact him prior to locking in any particular Phase II test plan.


(Clarification:)  The proposal was to use a 20 KW heating unit to preheat the duct and see if it would burn.  When it was finally undertaken, the generator used had in excess of 20 KW capacity.  20 KW would run a typical family home in Canada during winter to supply heat, lights, and anything else required.




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