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01-11-20          0700    Morning routine.


            Don ENNS sent out a copy of his email in response to Dr. LYON email of yesterday.  He spells out pretty much what I said yesterday.  As follows:

From: "Enns, Don"

To: "'r lyon  Garstang, John    "Enns, Don" "Sidla, Gus" Juby Tom'     Cc: 'Sarkos Gus'  ‘Cahill Patricia' 'Blake Dave' 'Marker Tim'  'Hill Richard' “'Jim Quintirere

Subject: RE  Fire/Explosion Group Meeting 27/11/01;

Date:  Tue, 20 Nov 2001 13:46:18 -0500

            I have spoken to Prof. Quintiere about his concerns regarding the up coming "phase two" burn test. 

            Since both time and materials are limited, only one phase two (utilizing radiant heat) burn test is being contemplated.  This test is being designed to provide as much data as possible about the foam duct's reaction to an already established fire.  The heat flux was chosen after reviewing the data from the Cone Calorimeter tests.  The duct will burn at this heat flux therefore we should be able to measure the contribution it has to the heat output and/or the spread of the fire.  One thing that Prof. Quintiere pointed out is that the ignition source should match the heat flux.  To compensate for this we will amend the test plan to utilize the same foam block which has been used by the FAA in previous burn tests.

            There are a number of recognized limitations to this test.  It is not a precise recreation of the fire in Swissair 111. It will not be a test of possible initiation events.  The effects of airflow and other materials including wiring are not taken into account.  The use of electrical heaters to provide radiant heat is an artificial artefact which does not take into account a number of issues associated with an established fire which in real-life would be the source of the heat. 

            This is a one-shot-only test and I welcome all observations and suggestions about the conduct of this test.

            Thanks for your continued interest.

Don Enns

            Had a short conversation with Vic GERDEN, and as far as he is concerned, the next FAA-3 trip is on for me, however he is concerned about the costs for the overtime.

            Finished up about 1800 hrs.




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