- 2001 NOV 21 -


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01-11-21          0700    Morning routine. 

            First thing, Neil FRASER called and asked me to contact Insp. TANNER, as he wanted to speak with me.  On contacting him, he arranged for us to meet this afternoon at 1400 hrs.  He is temporarily my new boss until Insp. ROBINSON’s replacement comes in from Nfld.


            At about 1400 hrs, I met with Insp. TANNER at HQ, 4th floor.  He is of the opinion that the transfer out of the hangar is a go for the 23rd.  He also is not sure about the next trip to the FAA.  The correspondence that he has indicates that the TSB is finished with me.  I told him about the request for my attendance on the next trip, and we discussed my present duties for the TSB.  We ended up with him stating that I can plan for the trip as if it is on, but that I am transferred out, that we will provide the technical assistance on a need to basis, and that on Monday morning, the 26th, I am to meet with him again (report in) for a meeting.  I mentioned some of my concerns about the file to TANNER, including the comments of Dr. LYON’s about the molten aluminium.  However, TANNER is acting as an administrator, and the RCMP has its requirements.  Right now, they are to get me back on the Ident Section.  His major concern is the amount of time off I have coming to me.

(Clarification:)   Tanner was loud and obnoxious during the meeting and said that he had allowed me to go on the last FAA trip ‘out of the kindness of his heard’.  I didn’t argue with him, but Lathem had been in charge at that time.  He said that I ‘had been sitting on my ass for the last three years over at Shearwater, and it was now time to get back to work.’  I seriously considered walking out of the meeting because he was abusive and harassing, and his statements were of an idiot.  However, I think that he was purposefully trying to get an adverse reaction from me, so instead I just sat there and allowed him to rant and rave.  I finally had a chance to tell him a few things about the file, but he didn’t seem to understand any of it and simply ignored the information.  His actions and demeanour told me a lot about his character.  However, I was used to this type of attitude from Commissioned Officers in the RCMP.




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