- 2001 NOV 26 -


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01-11-26          0700    Morning routine.  Printed off my trip OT, 1393, and the memo requesting authority to travel to US, and then over to the 0900 appointment with Insp. TANNER.  I delivered my annual leave card and the forms, but he was not in, and I was directed to see Neil FRASER.  Basically, we discussed the time line for my return, and that there is a large amount of work yet to finish.  It was agreed that I have to remain here until mid-December, at which time I will remove the equipment, take some time off, and be ready to go back to work sometime around mid-January.

            What is also interesting is that a book has been written by a French writer on Bin LADEN and it details the actions of FBI agent O’NEAL.  He is to agent who met our back room members (including Karl) in New York during their visit.  Unfortunately, he died during the attack on the World Trade Center.


(Clarification:)  On the 21st, Tanner had ordered me to meet with him again this morning.  However, when I arrived, I was told that he was on a pre-planned trip to the South Shore and would not be back all day.  It was just another example of his attempt to control.  So I went to the Crime Lab Building to meet with Neil Fraser and we had a discussion of sorts about my attending the test and what was yet to be done.  However, neither one had any idea of what was required, and didn't care except to get me out of the hangar and off the file as soon as possible.



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