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01-11-28          0700    Morning routine.  Ö..

            Received an email from Neil FRASER as follows, dated the 27th:

Tom: I am doing up a summary of our conversation this a.m. and will get it to you in the next day or so.   As a result of your salary being paid by TSB, Vivian CREAMER has been advised that there will be no further billing to TSB after the 15th of January which is the date we agreed on. You can complete the A22A as she will look after the pay & billing aspect.  However, the letter from Insp TANNER you received the other day still stands in that your worksite is the FIS office and you are to begin returning the equipment to this office and set up shop here ASAP.  The 15th of January is the date when you will close the file at TSB, so they are being advised today by Insp LATHAM that upon your return from the USA your work is over. We are agreeing to the 15th as an in house, to allow you to get reports, notes etc. done and catch up.  That will be done at the FIS office.  So, nothing has really changed other than giving you time, at the Ident office, to catch up and finish everything.  After the 15th there will be no bills to TSB and there will be no more work for them.  Your duties will be Ident duties which as i/c are something in the area of 80 % operational, 20% Admin. (I can give you the exact numbers if you wish)

Just wanted to make sure you were clear on it as that is what is going to be in the memo I do up explaining the 15th of is not an extension ..just an opportunity to finish things.


Neil    CC:      Andy Lathem;  Dan Tanner

            Funny thing, but that was not really what was agreed.  I was given leeway to work it as I felt necessary, including doing the work in the hangar.  Well, I cannot complete the work and do the move at the same time.  Nor is the area finished renovating where I want to set up the computer equipment.  So, it rather makes the decision a moot point.

            Then the following was received, dated today:

From: Neil Fraser    PRIVATE         To:       Dan Tanner;  Tom Juby

Date:   11/27/01 3:36PM    Subject:           Travel to USA

Ensure you complete whatever documents you require prior to your travel.   the verbal approval from Insp TANNER may be all you require.  I believe the policy for each Div. is set by CROPS.  I will be RTO / AOL beginning on Thurs until the 11th.


            I sent back to him stating that I had forwarded a memo to Insp. TANNER, and I will be travelling to the test site unless I hear something otherwise from them. 

            Insp. TANNER then sent the following:

From: Dan Tanner    PRIVATE       To:       Tom Juby

Date:   11/28/01 6:35AM     Subject:           Fwd: Travel to USA


Travel to the US will require the usual travel authorization (form 810, I think it is), and a msg to the LO Wash with info copy to ILPO HQ Ottawa and me advising the purpose / dates / destinations.  A normal fax will do.

DT          CC:      Neil Fraser

            Well, I have already submitted a memo, and have never seen or heard of that form before.  I donít have access to the manual, and the last trip, a memo was sufficient.  As for notifying the LO in Washington or the other acronym that he has used, we have yet to do so on any of my trips.  But Iíll get something out tomorrow.

(Clarification:)  Keep in mind that Neil was still waiting to hear about his commission, and he had to impress both Tanner and Lathem or his efforts could all have been for nothing.  What's more, the agreement from the previous day had been that I would do the work at the hangar, not at the Ident Section.  Because Tanner had demanded a return to the Ident Section, Neil simply changed the instructions to comply, whether or not it made any sense.  It took more than a half hour if the traffic was light, and I have taken as much as two hours to travel from the Ident Section to the hangar.  As for the trip requirements, they already knew that I didn't have access to the manual to locate the proper forms and instructions.  More red tape, and they had rooms full of it in Headquarters.  Too bad they hadn't read the policy on murder investigations!




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