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01-10-04          Ö..

             One thing of note that John GARSTANG did mention on Wednesday.  In a short discussion over various issues, the magnesium problem surfaced, and he mentioned that it was his understanding that Dr. BROWN had developed a possible source for the magnesium.  He indicated that he did not know for certain, that because he has been involved in Air India he is somewhat out of the loop.  For certain, I plan to raise the question with him again and find out for sure.  I didnít raise the issue with Larry VANCE because I can never get a serious answer from him on anything.  Jim FOOT has never considered it to be an issue, so I know what his answer would be.  And I donít know if Don ENNS or Larry VITT really know any more than I do about the issue.   I would like to think that Dr. BROWN would have sent me a message regarding the issue if he indeed had come up with something, but he has not.  But then, he has no way of knowing that I am still involved in the file as I have not contacted him since 01 Feb.  And again, I donít know what else is going on regarding the Ďverificationí of Dr. BROWNís findings by whomever the lab came up with to carry it out.  If indeed they ever did find someone to do the work.

            Finished up about 1745 hrs again.



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