- 2001 OCT 10 -


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01-10-10          0700    Morning routine.  Ö..

            Soon after, John GARSTANG arrived, and he has decided to stay in the hangar until Saturday.  He also advised that the plan is now to keep me on until at least mid-November.  The FAA test is on for 01-11-05 for at least a week, and the lawyer/consultant meeting is on sometime during the week of 01-11-19.  They will not be allowed to take any photos themselves, so Manny is to be down to take digital photos, and I am now slated to take the 35 mm photos.  The following week, 01-11-26 is the burn committee meeting, and that is something that I would like to sit in on.  Later in the afternoon, he received an email from GERDEN advising my end date as of now is 01-11-23 (but it has not been cleared with LATHEM).  I commented to John about the meeting of the 26th, and he advised that he has recommended that the RCMP be represented.

            I asked John about Vicís decision regarding the explosive wires, and he stated that Vic had indicated that the RCMP is satisfied with the reasoning behind the wiresí presence.  However, he never answered the question of releasing the subject to the partner companies.  John intends to ask him for clarification once again. 

            Nothing was heard this morning from Insp. LATHEM by John, and John tried unsuccessfully to contact him.  Later in the day, he tried unsuccessfully to contact Keith STOTHART.



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