- 2001 OCT 26 -


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01-10-26      .....

            Finally received my 1393 cheque for the FAA-1 trip.  It has taken over a month since I submitted the 1393.

(CLARIFICATION):  1393 is actually F1393, and is the expense claim form for travel and other expenses.  Financial Branch is located in the Headquarters building in Halifax, and the claim should have been completed within a few days.  However, the final processing of the claim, due to Force Regionalization, occurred in Newfoundland and the cheque mailed from there.  The claim had been submitted within a day or two of returning from the US, but Lathem might have held it up for a week or more.  Then Financial Branch was extremely slow, and the cheque would have been sent by mail to either the Ident Section or Lathem's section.  Unlike the TSB, the RCMP never couriered anything anywhere, and it usually came via the longest route.  This was especially a problem while on my Zurich trips with expenses taking as much as two months or more to be processed.  I had to phone from Zurich several times to have them make a payment on my RCMP American Express card because the company would not honour the expense for my hotel room without a payment.  This problem would continue, expecially on the upcoming trip because my new supervisor, Inspector Tanner, purposefully sat on my expense claim for more than a month.  These expenses were in the amounts of thousands of dollars, so it was not something that I could pay out of my own pocket and then wait for the Force to pay me.  It was just another abusive tactic by my management to show me who was in control. 



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