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01-10-29     .....     

            This afternoon, Insp. LATHEM was in with his contact from the Scotland Police for a tour of both hangars.  On finishing, he dropped off the flash unit that had been sent for repairs to Ottawa, as well as the Travel Directives for the trip to the US.  He advised that the incident on 01-09-11 had created a problem in that he did not know that I was in the US, until FSS asked for authorization to increase my American Express limit.  However, I told him that Neil FRASER knew exactly where I was, and he is my direct supervisor, or the closest that I have.  I was under the impression that LATHEM knew that I was going, in that GERDEN was or should have been speaking with him on that and other matters.  But he says that there was no communications with GERDEN. 

            He also returned my overtime sheets saying that he could not authorize LTO for the period.  He said that GERDEN had agreed to pay all overtime, and that he had contacted him last week about this.  I am to resubmit it all for payment.  I had claimed 30 double-time hours as LTO.  Funny thing is, I had an email this morning from Lee GARSTANG about it, and that the time would be taken as LTO instead of payment.  It really doesn’t matter to the TSB if it is paid time or LTO, because they have to pay for it all anyways.  But with all the OT claimed by the TSB members, I don’t feel guilty about claiming for the trip. 

            LATHEM and I also discussed the idea of a cover memo to ‘J’ Div in case I run into problems with the US Customs either coming or going.  I’ll think more on it.

            So on returning to the hangar, worked on the memo to LATHEM requesting authority to travel to the US.  Didn’t finish up until 1800 hrs.  It also doesn’t look like I’ll get my last week’s day off this week, or even this week’s day off.  So I will be behind by two, at least.

(CLARIFICATION)  Lathem had a short memory because Gerden had spoken with him about the first FAA trip, and a message had been sent off to the RCMP liaison officer in Washington via Lathem's office.  Now he wanted me to do it all again, possibly thinking that I was doing nothing in the hangar.  Here are some of my notes for a typical day in the hangar, this being for the 26th.

01-10-26          0700    Morning routine.

            First thing to ‘J’ Hangar to collect the exhibits.  The piece of Tedlar was located in bulk box Exh #1-13294, bag Exh #1-14533.  It will be exhibited this afternoon when the rest of the new wires are finished.

            Then located the pieces from the FAA burn test that had possibly been Exh #1-13600, #1-13599, & Exh #1-13598.  One of the blankets shows Exh #1-13598, so I know I have the right series.  Only two pieces show ORCOFILM AN-34.  Will have to pull up the photos of the exhibits to determine what is what.  The blankets were closely photographed back on 00-08-28, so should have some luck there.  In any event, there is not very much material of this type.  Everything was brought back to Hangar ‘A’.

            Then worked on the new exhibits for a while this morning.

            Late this morning, Insp. LATHEM called - twice.  The first was regarding the tour on Monday.  The second was in reference to the travel authority form for travel to the US.  It seems that the TSB travel authority is not sufficient, and the manuals call for our own.  I reminded him that I did not have access to the manuals, and he advised that he would bring a copy of the paperwork over on Monday. 

            Then, early this afternoon, Derek PENNEY of ClearSpan was in (Bill FOWLER called to advise me he was on the way up) to see about repairs to the ‘J’ Hangar.  He will be  back next week to actually do the repairs.  We did a further search of the hangar and only found the two areas of damage, plus a third area on the West Wall near the front door where it looks as if a small stone or something has penetrated the fabric.

            Then worked on the exhibits again this afternoon, finally finishing them.  They area as follows:

Exh #1-14615 new exhibit     one 18-inch length of translucent plastic-like tubing, 3/8 in diameter, with a plastic tag attached: 

R5  7083

            Attached at one end is a flat clamp with a white plastic coated cloth wrap about 1.25 in wide.  Also attached is a Kapton wire with green printing as follows: 


This exhibit was retrieved from bulk box Exh #1-4354 for the Heat Release Test examination.

 Exh #1-14616 new exhibit     one 18-inch length of blue insulated double wire, two lengths molded together side by side as one unit.  The insulation is plastic-like and blue throughout, with a multi-wire copper core.  This exhibit was retrieved from bulk box Exh #1-4354 for the Heat Release Test examination.

 Exh #1-14617 new exhibit     one 24-inch length of single wire with a grey plastic-like insulation, with a multi-wire copper core.  Green print on the exterior reads: 

7754150-16  92607

This exhibit was retrieved from bulk box Exh #1-4354 for the Heat Release Test examination.

Exh #1-14618 new exhibit     two lengths of 13-inch heavy gauge wires held together with a white nylon tie at one end.  The outer layer is a thick black rubber-like insulation.  Next is a woven wire mesh and then a double layer of blue plastic-like thin material shielding thirteen wires.  There are five separate pairs of fine gauge twisted wires. 

In no specific order, one pair has a basic white insulation with spiral stripes of red and black on one surface, and brown and black on the other.  Each core is of fine multi-wire copper. 

The next pair has a basic white insulation with a brown spiral stripe on only one of the two wires.  Each core is of fine multi-wire copper.

The next pair has a basic white insulation with a green spiral stripe on one of the wires, and an orange spiral stripe on the other.  Each core is of fine multi-wire copper.

The next pair has a basic white insulation with a purple spiral stripe on one of the wires, and a yellow spiral stripe on the other.  Each core is of fine multi-wire copper.

The last pair has a basic white insulation with a red spiral stripe on one of the wires, and a black spiral stripe on the other.  Each core is of fine multi-wire copper.

Two heavier gauge white insulated wires are also present.  One has a blue spiral stripe while the other is all white.  Both have a multi-wire copper core. 

The remaining wire is a heavy gauge black insulated wire, with a woven copper-wire mesh around a white plastic-like insulated wire containing a multi-wire copper core.

The second heavy gauge wire attached with a nylon tie is identical.  This exhibit was retrieved from bulk box Exh #1-4354 for the Heat Release Test examination.

Exh #1-14619 new exhibit     one 20-inch length of spiral wrapped wire.  The wrap is 5/16 in wide, a white translucent plastic-like material surrounding three stripped Kapton wires.  One wire has a blue stripe, one has a green stripe, and the third has no stripe.  The outer striped layer covers a bronze inner layer, which surrounds a multi-wire copper core.  One end of the unit has plastic-like covers on the ends of each of the three wires.  This exhibit was retrieved from bulk box Exh #1-4354 for the Heat Release Test examination.

 This finishes the exhibits retrieved for the HRT.  When speaking with John GARSTANG, he indicated that he would like to know the make-up of the insulation.  However, I am not sure of all of them.  Each exhibit was photographed on the grid table with a colour scale.  Today, only one roll was taken, roll #1078.  Digital photos will be taken next so that I can copy them to a CD and supply it to John and others as necessary.  This will have to be done on Monday.

            Finally received my 1393 cheque for the FAA-1 trip.  It has taken over a month since I submitted the 1393.

            I called John GARSTANG to advise him of the Metallized Tedlar from this morning, telling him how much AN-34 we have, and that we have some AN-24.  One of the blankets shows the number Exh #1-13598 written on one end.  When I described the second, he located it in PRODOCs and determined that the number is Exh #1-13599.  He would like me to locate more AN-24 if possible, since we are rather limited on the AN-34.  The pieces that I found this morning from the previous FAA burnt test are originally from HB-IWB.  There is enough there to do the series of cone calorimeter tests.  So he is very pleased with that.  A later check of my notes shows no more AN-24, either in the Zurich 3 blankets or these blankets. 

            He advised that he has received word back from the FAA on the next test, and they only wish to do Phase 1 at this time, leaving Phase 2 (if there is enough duct left) for another time.  They think it will take two weeks to set up Phase 2.  Also, it is doubtful  that John will have the time to attend.  As for me, I will have to juggle the test set up with the cone calorimeter testing, as he would like both recorded.

            I asked him about the blankets coming from Swissair (South Africa).  He would like them photographed and exhibited, hopefully before the FAA-2 tests.  He is checking with Don to see when and where they are headed.

            Ted worked on the desktop most of the day, and was able to get the video card up and running correctly.  Hopefully everything finally will work correctly.  My desktop has not worked up to par since I have been here.

            John sent down the following message, which outlines the exhibits sent to the FAA.  He would like the descriptions for the exhibits amended to reflect their destruction, or the amount of material remaining for each.

From: "Garstang, John" <>

To: 'Juby Tom' <>

Subject: FAA Insulation Burn Tests

Date:  Thu, 25 Oct 2001 14:23:28 -0400


 I have attached a copy of the letter I wrote to the FAA listing all the Exhibits (with descriptions) that were sent to them for destructive burn tests.  I will wait to hear back from you before I do an update on these Exhibits being destroyed.



  <<Insulation Burn Letter1.jpg>>  <<Insulation Burn Letter2.jpg>> 

<<Insulation Burn Letter3.jpg>>  <<Insulation Burn Letter4.jpg>>

            The attachments list the exhibits that were shipped, and those now in question are Exh #1-13598, #1-13599, & #1-13600.




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