- 2001 OCT 30 -


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01-10-30          0700    Morning routine.  Finished up the memo to LATHEM requesting authority to travel to the US, and ROSSED it as a draft to him asking if it is OK.  I also mentioned about the Liaison Officer, and that perhaps Kim BUTTS could do up the message to him.

            I also phoned S/Sgt. DAY in Customs section to see what advice he could offer.  He took the details and called me back later to tell me that Customs Services would be sending him a form F15 today.  On it or attached, I am to list all of my equipment and exhibits.  Then, on Saturday, I am to drop into the Customs at St. Stephens to get it signed.  That will allow me to cross into the US, as this will provide the US Customs with something to work with.  He advised that a letter giving the details of my trip would be helpful.  He also told me that I should contact the US Customs at Calais on Friday at 207-454-3621, 0 for an agent, and explain what my plans are.

(CLARIFICATION):  Years later when Twice As Far was made public, DAY provided adverse comments regarding the book and my story of the Swissair 111 investigation.  What is written here describes the only contact that I had with DAY, and thus limits his exposure to my circumstances in the hangars.  His negative comments were unfounded and unwarranted, and they were based on his loyality to a corrupt management team for which he at one time worked.



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