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01-09-11          0800    To building #203 to work on the cutting the exhibits.  The exhibits from yesterday were photographed on roll #003, the Nikon F70 with the 60 mm lens and the ring light, f/11, with a colour scale and ruler.

            The 4” diameter ducts, Exh #1-14562, were photographed as A-1, A-2, and A-3.  Each duct produced three squares.  They and the remaining material were placed together in separate small exhibit bags which were marked as A-1, A-2, and A-3.  The ten pieces from the 13” flex side tube, also Exh #1-14562, were photographed as B-1, and placed in an exhibit bag.  The seven fibreglass pieces from Exh #1-14570 were photographed as C-1 series.  The FEP clear conduit tubes (formally described in my notes as Teflon, but which now have been amended with a notation), Exh #1-14563, conduit tubes were cut into 4” squares and photographed as D-1.  Six pieces are 4” squares, and three pieces are made up of two pieces as a composite.  They were all placed in exhibit bags.  Seven 4” square pieces from Exh #1-988 were cut down from the 6” squares previously cut from one of the ceiling tiles.  One piece was left as a 6” square piece.  These 4” squares were photographed as E-1 series.  Then started cutting on Exh #1-9330, a piece of the cockpit ceiling liner.  However, only cut one 4” square before we ran out of time due to the FAA closure.  All of the pieces were left overnight in the conditioner, one of the requirements for the test.  This provides a specific temperature of approx. 23 C and a relative humidity of approx. 50%.

            During this time, we learned of the attack on the World Trade Centre towers, the Pentagon, and the fourth plane crash.  At about 1100 hrs, the FAA facility was closed, and we were advised that we would have to leave.  We eventually left just before noon, having waited for the traffic to clear.  We also learned that Sean CROWLEY is concerned about his close cousin who works in the World Trade Centre.

            During the afternoon, Don ENNS and I attended at Larry FOGG’s room to work on notes and watch the news.  Plans were made for the other tests.

            At about 1330 hrs, I contacted the Ident Section to speak with Linda GRAY.  She advised that the Halifax airport was closed, and security was tight.  A number of jets are on the ground, having been diverted to land there.  Neil FRASER has contacted Lee FRASER in Ottawa to offer our assistance in an Ident capacity (particularly in the morgue, I would expect).  Neil is aware that I am here, and she was told to tell him that I have all my photographic and video equipment with me.

            Finished up about 1730 hrs and to supper.

(Clarification:)  Linda later called me to say that the FBI had declined our assistance as they felt they had sufficient manpower of their own.  The problem would have been in transporting the members to the US site.  During the call, Linda advised that I would be the lead person in for the RCMP.  This must have been hard for the two Frasers to swallow.




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