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02-02-17          RTO    Checked the video tapes today and sent out the following message to John GARSTANG.

Subject: Videotape for 1R Door Movement

Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2002 14:29:26 -0400


     Sorry for the delay in answering this question.  My VCR was not operational until I tore it apart and put it back together the way I thought it should be (I only have a small hammer for electronic equipment).

     The VHS videotape for the door movement is marked: Zurich Trip II,     Pilot in Cockpit    Dated: 99 MAR

     The footage that you want is at the very beginning of the tape that was taken showing Anderson, the Swissair Pilot, moving around the cockpit of HB-IWG.  It shows the movement of the 1R door up and down, and in particular, the movement of the cable.

     Please correct me if I am wrong, but I always thought, and I think that the videotape shows it, that the door cable moves up and down, as well as the sideways motion that brings it into contact with the wires.  In other words, the cable pulls the door up and down instead of the door climbing the fixed motionless cable.  The video footage on this tape seems to show definite movement of the cable in a manner corresponding to the movement of the door, so that any 'bump' against a wire is in fact a rub.  I know that there has been some discussion over this, but it was always my understanding that the drive wheel that works the cable was fixed to the hull of the aircraft, and not fixed to the door, and that the cable is anchored to the door so that it is fixed in relation to the door, not the hull.

     Please let me know if I have the correct perception of this.  If I have it wrong, then I have misinterpreted the video footage as I think I see definite movement of the cable that, if in contact with a wire, would cause a definite sawing action.

     I don't have the original tape here at home, it is in Halifax.  If you cannot locate your copy, I will make a further copy for you when I return to work.

     Again, sorry for the delay.    CU  Tom


            Later this afternoon, John called to advise that I was correct in my assessment of the cable movement.  It seems that earlier discussions with someone, he thinks it may have been Larry FOGG, resulted in the belief that the cable did not move up and down.  But he says that he has recently been in contact with Larry FOGG, and it seems that Boeing is still working on several matters.  Larry now advises that the cable is fixed to the door and moves up and down with the door movement.  On 01-10-11, during the meeting with Keith STOTHART, John had mentioned about the cable being fixed and the door moving on it.  I have been puzzling over this ever since, and finally have found the answer, recorded all along on the video.  So, I was right all along, and only thought I was wrong as the saying goes.  John wants Ted PARISEE to digitize the tape and put it in the MD-11 Tour.




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