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02-01-02          0700    To Halifax office first thing to collect the mail.  A memo was received from S/Sgt. FRASER about our meeting of 01-11-26.  It seems our discussion and agreement about OT on the last trip has changed a bit.  Neil expects me to reschedule on a one for one basis.  I doubt that anyone else in the Force has to work hours such as this.  He also expects me to complete the work at the Halifax office.  This is also rather wasteful of time, since everything I need to work with, i.e. exhibits and the frame, is over here.  In addition, the guys are still working with my copy of the photos.  To travel back and forth is a waste of time.  In addition, the request of John GARSTANG was specific that I remain here at the hangar until the completion date. 

            Then, my latest 1393 has been returned from Insp. TANNER because I did not include the receipts.  I have already received a call from American Express stating that I am overdue on the payments.  So, later today I redid the 1393 with the new rates, and it is now submitted in the amount of $2743.49, some $500 dollars more.  I had made some errors in the first submission, and I now have the correct exchange rate.

            There was an email on ROSS from S/Sgt. FRASER and Insp. TANNER both agreeing that I had to take the time for my three days on 01-12-18, 19, & 20 from my leave or LTO bank.  I sent back saying that I had looked after it with other time off.  I also mentioned the latest request from TSB for more time, and could I get an extension past the 15th for my follow-up material.

(Clarification:)  Overtime was to be compensated at time and a half for a regular working day, and double time for working on a day off.  There was no provision for time to be compensated on a 1:1 basis, and what's more, it was to be rescheduled as days off.  I had arranged for rescheduling during the FAA-2 trip, and Lathem had ruled against it.  Now it was a complete turn-around in policy.  However, this was minor compared to what was headed my way from Tanner.
















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