- 2002 JAN 03 -


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02-01-03          0700    Morning routine. 


            This afternoon I had a phone call from Insp. TANNER.  When I answered the phone, he sounded very upset and came across as being offensive.  First of all, he wanted to know how I had looked after the time for my requested days off, as I had no time owing me.  I told him that it was time owed from the last US trip, and he said that I was to have taken that time before going on the trip (something that I have never heard of).  He was quite upset when I explained the matter.  He even read to me Neil FRASER’s memo, the one I received yesterday.  However, it does not say anything about taking the time off before the trip.  Then he demanded to know what I meant about the extension.  When I mentioned the latest TSB request, he told me that there was no such thing.  I finally got it out of him that he has not spoken to GERDEN since early December.  So that put me in a bit of a spot, and when I told him of the latest message, he stated point blank that he was running the show and not the TSB.  He said that I could tell the TSB that any future request for my services has to come through him, and that I would not be making the decisions.  During the ‘conversation’, he mentioned that he still had my last overtime form on his desk, and that there was no explanation for the time.  He commented about the shifts, even asking what SDO meant (Stat Day Off).  He wanted to know who authorized my shifts, and what shifts I was working, and why a ten-hour shift when I should be on an eight-hour shift.  I told him that I have always worked a ten-hour shift.

            He demanded that I be in to see him tomorrow at 0800 hrs, and I told him that I would be on a day off.  This set him off again about shifts, and then he said that I was to be in Monday at 0800, ready to work an eight-hour shift, and that I would from now on be working out of the Halifax office.  Any further requirement to go to the hangar would be channelled through Neil FRASER.  I told him that the section works a ten-hour shift, and he said that I would have to speak with Neil FRASER about that.

            I found his tone to be very aggressive, at time offensive – on one instance I even noted to him that I did not like his tone, and several times he sounded as if he thought I was not telling him the truth.  He commented about the amount of overtime that I had earned in the past two years, quoting dollar numbers. 

            I asked him what the problem was, and he said that I had a section to run and that I was not doing as I had been told.  I suggested that I had a file to finish off, that I had been given that task and that I was doing what I had been told.  When we finished, he didn’t sound much happier, but we’ll be discussing it on Monday at 0800 hrs.  I rather think that I will be sitting listening, and that there won’t be much discussion.

            So, it seems that Vic GERDEN has not contacted TANNER about any more follow-up time.  It puts me in a bit of a pinch, as I still have a lot of work to do to get finished.

            So, I finished up in time to get the parcels off via FedEx, and then home.

            This evening, I sent a message off to John GARSTANG advising him of this meeting, and that there could be a problem in the last few days of my work in the hangar.  John phoned me this evening, and we discussed the matter.  He thought that GERDEN had made the contact but could not be sure.  He was also sorry for the inconvenience that he may have caused – typical of John.  He felt that if this is the end of it, then so be it, as he did not want me to get into trouble with management over a few more days of work in the hangar.  He also advised that he would check with GERDEN to see what he had done in the matter.




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