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02-01-08          0700    Morning routine, to Hangar ‘A’ and email.  I received John GARSTANG’s same email as he sent to me at home.

            Sent over a list of things to do to Neil FRASER and told him that I would go through my notes over the next couple of evenings and sort out the RTO that I am owed.  He responded as follows:

From: Neil Fraser      PRIVATE         To:       Tom Juby    Date:   1/8/02 9:11AM

Subject:           Re: Swissair Tasks

Thanks Tom.  Just to confirm what we discussed ...You will be finished up there next Thurs and are requesting a month off. .to start.  I talked to Andy and as a routine matter we both feel that you have to be debriefed so there will be a memo coming for you to contact Health Services to arrange a session with whoever they have doing that now.

The 93 that has been bouncing around. They are forwarding it here.  Bring your receipts and I guess notes or whatever you have for that trip and we'll get it processed.

Call if you have a minute.


>>> Tom Juby 02

08 10:26:20 AM >>>


The following outlines some of the tasks that are required to be completed over the next two weeks:

Sorting and indexing of fifty five rolls of film and 1000 digital photos

Copying 17 video tapes to computer in digital format,

Reviewing and compiling fire test notes and a trip report for the three US trip tests

Shipments to 'A' Hangar of the three foam ducts and over a hundred other Exhibits and samples that need exhibit numbers or updates and storage arrangements in either Hangar "A" or "J"

Movement of one large piece of test frame weighing over 500 lbs to be received via Day & Ross and to be positioned in the frame room.  To do so will require dismantling part of the frame wall, movement of the piece, and then rebuilding the wall.






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