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            John also sent the following regarding the frame.

From: "Garstang, John" <>

To: 'Juby Tom' <>      Cc: "Ferguson, William" <>,  "Parisee, Ted" <>

Subject: FW: Hangar "A" Shipment: FAA Fire Test Fixture & Exhibits

Date:  Sun, 13 Jan 2002 16:25:26 -0500


When the shipment went out of TSB Engineering we were told that it should be delivered to Hangar "A" on Monday 14 January.  You will need a forklift to unload the truck (preferably with long forks).  Hopefully, DND will help you with the offload and to move it into the mock-up room.  Let me know how things go.

I would appreciate it if you can get the FAA Test Fixture into the reconstruction room, that it be placed on top of the wood structure (shipping frame, so that we could walk underneath it) beside our mock-up, with its forward end (end with frame closest to cut end) in the same orientation as the mock-up (e.g. left side matches left side of mock-up, right side matches right side of mock-up, etc.).  It would be beneficial if we could suspend (by wire) the burnt rigid foam duct under it where it was during the test (with the Exhibit number assigned to it labeled both on the test fixture and the duct).  Some of the large tables will probably have to be moved around or out of the mock-up room.  I realize that this might not be possible prior to your Thursday departure, and I hope we can get our respective management to make arrangements to get you back to complete this if we have to.

I would also appreciate it if you could send your notes for the last trips of the FAA Fire Tests since I am trying to write up a trip report, and I would like to check a few details.

Regards    John  

            This should be no problem at all, once we get it into the room.  Will have to tear the wall apart, then pull the frame out of the crate, tip it over and lay it on the top.  Suspending the foam duct shouldn’t be too difficult either.  I took the time to copy out my trip notes and tried all day to send them as three files attached to an email.  But the phone system seems to be sporadic and found that the message would not go.  So, will try when I get in tomorrow.

(Clarification:)    This is the burn frame from the FAA, and the damage to it was caused by the last test, ‘the fraud test’.  Now it is to be displayed beside the reconstruction frame in the frame room so that anyone coming in can view and compare.  Remember that the melting of the burn frame was caused by six to eight times the amount of material that was available in the top of the aircraft.  The condition of the burn frame was purposefully created with the fraud burn so that the TSB could show that aircraft aluminium melts in a fire.  Just don’t tell anyone how large that fire was!



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