- 2002 JAN 18 -


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02-01-18          Last day in the hangar.  First thing to U-Haul to rent a truck.  Then worked on files, copying off CDís of the various directories.  Sent a message to Cathy GRAY to cancel the phone, etc.

            Took a few minutes to rotate the FAA frame 180 degrees on the wooden stand.  It now is in the correct orientation with the reconstruction frame.

            Loaded everything on the truck, and by 1500 hrs, headed over to the Ident office and had it unloaded by 1600 hrs. 

            At 1605 hrs, met with my new boss, Supt. Craig MACLAUGHLAN.  He wants me to take time off and would like me to have nothing to do with the file until I get back.  At that time, he would like me to give him some idea of how much more time is required on the file.  Our talk was not long, but he did ask about the file, and I told him of my concerns over the lack of burnable materials in the attic area.  He didnít have much to say, it was as if he already knew what I would say.  I suspect that he has been filled in by LATHEM and by TANNER.  I am to meet with him on Monday, as I require Monday to move all of the equipment upstairs into the Ident office and set it up.



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