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02-01-19          RTO    Sent off a message to John GARSTANG, and received back the following:

Subject: RE: Last day at the hangar          Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2002 09:55:12 -0500

From: "Garstang, John" <>             To: "''" <>

Good morning Tom,

Getting the move over with is at least one thing off your mind.  You deserve your a long vacation break!    I had talked to Vic to get him to call Inspector MacLaughlan about your services.  Apparently, he said that we have to draw up another work list.  I explained that we are in the middle of trying to write up the FAA Fire Tests and this is a good example of the typical type of job we are involved in where we don't know what assistance (e.g. information) we might need from you until we do the work to see what, if anything, is missing or lacking that we need your input on.  I said it was inevitable that we will need to liaise with you on occasion on the work you were involved in, as the need might arise.  I told him there were a couple of items I would like to put on a list such as the fire damaged foam duct object model, and providing assistance to Ted Parisee when he goes through the CDs to help identify the locations of the panoramas, and to find specific subjects, etc.  Would you be able to do these tasks?  Is the object model rig gone or could you easily set it up in the Hangar?  How long do you think it would take?  I think I can get Vic to call Inspector MacLaughlan again, since I believe Vic did not properly understand the ramifications or time line of you taking leave before finishing some of the SR111 work.  He knows we are in the middle of trying to write up the FAA Fire Tests and I have repeatedly mentioned about the need to liaise with you for data.  I would like to ensure that you do the object model not on your leave so that you are not penalized by the interruption and loss of vacation time.  Can I give out your cell number to others in the TSB?  I was not thinking of giving out your home Email unless you want me to.

Please call to discuss when it is convenient for you.

Regards    John

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> To:   john garstang

> Subject:      Last day at the hangar

> Good morning John,

>      Well, I am all moved out of the hangar.  Had to rent a U-Haul truck, no not your sized truck, the next one down - and it was full.  This one came in automatic, but it also had an Arizona license plate on it.  I didn't think that I had accumulated so much stuff at the hangar.  When I look at the office now, there is a lot of room, but there sure wasn't a day ago.


>      Also, we took two minutes and rotated the FAA Frame 180 degrees, so it now corresponds with the reconstruction frame.  Sorry about that, don't know what I was thinking of.  Sometimes you can just get a mind block on something.  I guess I had a fixation on North, and the frame was set up pointing North, instead of South as it now is.

>      I had a very short talk yesterday afternoon with my new boss.  He told me that Vic GERDEN had called him, and they discussed follow-on work.  He wants me to take time off, and then when I get back, try to figure out how much time will be spent working on Swissair.  It's really no use explaining anything to these guys, even though this one seems like he will be a good boss.  I think I can work for him, if I decide to stay in, that is.  None of them seem to understand the timeline involved in this file.  I certainly don't intend to be back before the 1st of April.  By then, you are supposed to be finished and writing the report that is already written.  So, anything that you need has to be done before then.

>      Anyways, I decided better not to go into it with him, that way I have not been told not to do anything.  I have my half of the CD's home here with me.  I also have all of my notes and other digital photos.  -   I have to put together a presentation for the Canadian Ident Society for June, so I need the materials to work with.  I will check my email here > at home each evening, and I have the cell phone 221-2915, and if there is something to do with the notes or photos, then it is just common courtesy to answer the questions.  However, if it requires going into the hangar, it will have to go through my new boss.  PS - I have cancelled the email  So, you will have to contact me at

> OK   The last three rolls are going in for developing today, and will go off to Ottawa this week.  Louis should have the CD in a week.

> CU   Tom

(Clarification:)  Years later, Gerden will claim that I was out of the loop and didn't know what was going on.  It makes me wonder if he knew what John was trying to do.  None of my bosses understood what was required.  However, Gerden knew things that neither John, Don, or I knew about the file.




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