- 2002 JAN 21 -


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02-01-21          To the Halifax FIS office to sort out the material moved on Friday.  Spent most of the day doing this.  John GARSTANG called in the afternoon to go over his email from this weekend.  He also advised that there was a concern that some of the exhibit descriptions may not be quite correct.  He said he would send me an email on this.  It arrived later tonight.

            At 1600 hrs, I had another meeting with Supt. Craig MACLAUGHLAN.  He signed off my annual leave for 200 hours, with 20 hrs of extra RTO.  I will be back (if I am coming back) on 02-03-04.  However, one problem arose.  The time that Insp. TANNER had marked in for the dates 01-12-18/20 was still on the form, and he refused to erase them.  His comment was that I could grieve the entry, but first I would have to submit a memo to the OIC Crim Ops requesting that it be removed.  I was quite upset about this, needless to say, as it just creates a pile of paperwork over something that has no need to be there.  But I guess some things just donít change. 

(Clarification:)  The problem with the time was that I had taken three days, or twenty-four hours.  Tanner had deducted forty hours from my leave card.  Apparantly, math along with being a policeman were not a requirement for being a commissioned officer in the RCMP in Halifax.



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