- 2009 MAY 02 -



            Finished off my memo on the 2nd and printed off the 124 pages of memo, 37 pages of timeline, 1 page of BROWN’s CV, and 8 pages of the New York Memo.  I put it all in a binder, and sent off today via regular parcel post, signature required, tracking # 0012 1730 0007 8012.

            Last night, I sent a copy via email to Karl CHRISTIANSEN for his perusal.  Also sent a rough draft up to Russell a week ago but have heard nothing back.  I still have heard nothing from Phil after having sent him a copy of the Ottawa memo.  So, I will wait until Ottawa gets the binder before sending him a copy. 

            Basically, I have given them a rebuttal to every argument that they put forward that included copies of my notes, and even FRASER’s, GORMAN’s, and LATHEM’s notes.  Then, I gave them six months to do the work, and that I must be updated monthly, and contacted to clear up any questions at my convenience.  I also suggested that a settlement should be undertaken to end this matter once and for all.  Note that I sent the material in hard copy only, without a CD copy of the material.  I also suggested that I had a copy of the notes that LATHEM would have wanted removed and have moved this file into that subdirectory as Potential File for Ottawa.


            Email message back from Russell.  His comment about LATHEM was that he couldn’t find his ass with a map in one hand and a candle in the other.  He felt that this was an excellent presentation, but that it was over their heads in Ottawa, and that they likely will do nothing about it.  He suggests going public, but that the CBC and CTV likely won’t touch it because of its involvement.  He suggested Paul PALANGO, the writer of “Dispersing the Fog”.


            Checked the Canada Post tracking page for # 0012 1730 0007 8012 and it indicates that it was delivered this morning at 10:38 hrs, signed by R. TAYLOR.  So, it will likely be the middle of next week before it gets to CONLIN’s office, as past experience is that it takes longer to get through the RCMP system than it does for me to deliver it to the front door.



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