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The following email was forwarded to the Civilian Review and Complaints Commission (CRCC) on 17 FEB 20 

I am contacting you with a complaint that has been ongoing for many years, but nothing substantial has ever been done about it.  Iím not sure that anything can be done by you, but knowing about is the first step.

My name is Tom Juby, and I am a retired member of the RCMP with 32 years of service.  I am the retired member who appeared in the CBCís The Fifth Estate program in 2011 that dealt with the Swissair 111 investigation.  The scope of the program was that the senior management of the RCMP had condoned the actions of my previous file managers who demanded in February of 2001 that I alter file notes that indicated a criminal cause for the crash and death of 229 passengers and crew.  Before the program, I had gone to the Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP, only to be told they could not investigate the matter.  I then went public to the CBC, and the RCMP countered with comments to the media that it was a report and not my file notes that they had asked to be changed.  This was a fabrication in that I have the documentation from the Commissionerís office that says it was perfectly legal for file managers to tell investigators what can and cannot be placed in file notes. 

Since the program, by way of access to information I have received the media lines that were prepared by the RCMP to counter the program.  I have also received other documentation that fully supports my view with regards to the cause of the on-board fire, and yet more documentation that shows the RCMP management totally ignored and refused an investigation of the deaths. 

When correspondence was sent to the Commissioner asking what they intended to do about the matter, I received a letter by way of registered mail telling me that they had investigated, and that they intended to do nothing further.  Yet there is evidence of witness and document tampering, obstruction of justice, obstruction of a police officer, and breach of trust by several senior members of the RCMP, including previous Commissioners.

This is all a lot to digest, but it has all been documented in my recently published book called Twice As Far.  I also have a website at that shows all the documents in question to prove the allegations that I have made in the book. 

This is a serious matter with international implications as it involves the deaths of 229 people, only two of whom were Canadian Citizens.  Please consider this as a complaint against the RCMP, and due to the legal implications and evidence disclosed in the book, worthy of special investigation by your office.

The book is available through the website, or I can forward a copy to you by mail.  I can be reached at 902-365-2906 or (cell) 902-692-8003.

Thank you for your consideration of this matter.

Tom Juby    Canaan, N.S.    2017-02-20



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