- 17 FEB 22 -


The following email was received from the Civilian Review and Complaints Commission (CRCC) on 17 FEB 22 

Good morning Mr. Juby.  The Civilian Review and Complaints Commission (the Commission) is in receipt of your on-line submission in which you indicate your wish to lodge a new complaint based upon new information you received via an access to information request.  The Commission is unable to process a complaint at the current time and requests additional information in order to properly assess your request.

Who are the specific RCMP members that you are complaining about?  Please identify each and provide a specific description of the improper behavior linked to each member that you wish to lodge a complaint about.  Please also provide a date for the alleged improper behavior.

Please describe the new information that you received and how it relates to each individual member you are lodging a complaint about.  When (provide date) did you request this new information via an Access to Information request and when (provide date) did you receive it?

As you have touched upon briefly in your on-line submission, you previously contacted the Commission for Public Complaints against the RCMP about the actions of RCMP members as it relates to the Swissair tragedy.  Simply to recap, the Commission for Public Complaints against the RCMP determined that it did not have the jurisdiction to accept/process your complaint, file #2009-1822, as all involved members you had identified were retired .  Complaint/File #2009-2152 was initially processed by the Commission for Public Complaints against the RCMP but the RCMP took the position that the complaint did not fall under Part VII of the Act as it was directly related to events which occurred while you were a serving member of the RCMP.  Among other things, the RCMP pointed out that several processes of redress were available to you internally at the time you were a member and that you had availed yourself of some of those processes. You submitted a request for review to that Commission of the RCMP’s decision. The Chair of the Commission at the time, Paul Kennedy, agreed with the position of the RCMP that your complaint fell outside the mandate of the Commission.

Thank you.

Intake Office, Operations

Civilian Review and Complaints Commission for the RCMP / Government of Canada / Tel: 1-800-665-6878 /  TTY: 1-866-432-5827/

Bureau de réception des plaintes, Opérations

Commission civile d’examen et de traitement des plaintes relatives à la GRC / Gouvernement du Canada / Tél : 1-800-665-6878 / ATS : 1-866-432-5827/



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