- 17 FEB 23 -


The following email was sent to the Civilian Review and Complaints Commission (CRCC) on 17 FEB 23 

       Thank you for your prompt response of 2017 FEB 22.  I am unaccustomed to such a quick reply when dealing with this matter.

     Let me explain that this complaint was never properly investigated by anyone outside of the RCMP.  The two previous requests for an investigation by the Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP were never actually conducted by that agency.  Furthermore, the internal RCMP internal investigations were of a questionable nature, and they form a major portion of this whole matter. 

     The details that you have requested are best related in the book that I have written called 'Twice As Far'.  It deals with this whole matter from its start until the time the book was ready for publishing.  Material in the book was received from the RCMP as late as 2015, well over a year after my ATIP request.  Other requests were never provided.  Some of that 2015 material included two official reports from Natural Resources Canada, one of which cited sabotage as the cause of the onboard fire that killed two hundred and twenty-nine people.  The second report confirmed a criminal scenario as the cause.  There is adequate alternate evidence to support that belief, and it is all recounted in the book.  RCMP management knew of those reports within days of their initial receipt by the Transportation Safety Board.

     To simplify matters for me and for your agency, I suggest that your investigator read my book.  From chapter 2 onwards it describes in detail all the various matters of concern.  For me to again provide those details in an email would entail something as lengthy as the book and would merely paraphrase it.  I suggest that Chapter 1 can be skipped as it deals with the morgue.  I had been instrumental in its initial setup, had run the fingerprint identification process, and had looked after logistics and quality control during its full term.

     I realize that this is an unusual response, and at first might seem unacceptable to you because it is a book, albeit factual and based on file notes and official documents.  But this matter goes back to 1999, and if you as a reviewing and investigative agency do not know all the facts and their implications, then you cannot hope to understand the severity of this matter.  Quite simply, the Commissioner of the RCMP within days of the crash in September of 1998, in conjunction with management of the Transportation Safety Board, ruled that the Swissair 111 crash was solely due to an accidental fire caused by a short-circuited wire.  Subsequent Commissioners have done their upmost to maintain that position in the face of facts to the contrary.  In addition, I have documentation that shows the RCMP has officially condoned the control of what an investigator records in his investigative notes, and a supervisor has the right to demand that notes be altered and made to conform to the requirements of the file. 

     I simply ask that you read the book, review the documents in the webpage, and then decide how to deal with those who broke the laws of this land.  Attached is a .pdf of the complete book. 

     Thank you for your patience in this matter, and please remember that I have been dealing with this file as a potential mass homicide since September of 1999.  If, after reading the book and examining the notes and documents, you determine that I am wrong, please explain where and how I have missed the truth.  If you are unable to adequately conduct this investigation, then please tell me to whom I can turn, and why your agency would be unable to conduct a special investigation into this matter.


Thomas C. Juby



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