- 17 JUN 05 -


The following correspondence was received from an undisclosed person (for his protection). 

Keep in mind that no passenger profiling was carried out, so who the passenger was and what he/she was carrying remains unconfirmed,

or even that the described event was about the multi-million dollar diamond shipment. 




If this information is indeed reliable, what was in the brief case - diamonds or documents. 

It would appear that the TSB and the RCMP had no knowledge of how the diamonds were shipped, as there never was a computer task undertaken in the RCMP's investigation.  I know this because Gerden asked Cst. Cooper for information regarding the diamonds, and neither he nor Lathem could provide any information.  Cooper asked me if I knew anything about the diamonds and if a task had been undertaken.  I advised him that I knew nothing about it.  From that bit of information, if it were diamonds in the brief case, it would seem that neither agency knew of this alleged recovery.  Had the diamonds been turned over, they would have become an exhibit and their existence would have been documented as a computer task.  It the briefcase had been of a diplomatic courier, they why was it not documented as a task, keeping in mind that this was not a direct flight between cities with Embassy's.

Next, if the US Navy did indeed recover the briefcase with diamonds in it and the Canadian authorities knew nothing of it, it brings into question the security of the recovery operation, besides the integrity of US Navy.  A foreign vessel was allowed free range over the debris field with no Canadian official onboard to monitor their findings.  That is one more instance of poor management and a shoddy investigation, both by the TSB and the RCMP.

Now if this story is indeed accurate, then where are the diamonds today? 




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