- 1998 NOV 26 -


98-11-26          .

1400    Meeting with Andy LATHEM in which it was decided that the exhibits would be processed as if going to court.  Also agreed that enough work for 2 Ident stations independent of front line (frame & fire).

(Clarification:)  Due to the amount of fire damage, there was a need for an Ident member to forensically photograph the fire evidence as each piece was examined by the fire team.  This was a completely separate undertaking independent of the front sorting and exhibiting line.  At the same time, my original position included the photography of the physical matches of the pieces that were to be fastened to the reconstruction frame.  As stated, everything would be processed as if going to court.  There were civil actions totalling as much as 16 billion dollars that had been started in the USA, as well as a criminal complaint in Switzerland.  Because the TSB worked a ten-hour/seven days per week schedule with each claiming overtime beyond forty hours, the RCMP decided to provide people to cover their shifts, but without any overtime.  This meant two Ident members per position, each working a four-day week.  The overlap day was Wednesday during which I caught up on other photographic demands in the hangar.  This only lasted several months, and then Gorman (one of the fire evidence photographers) returned to administration duties, and the demand for physical match photos greatly reduced.



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