- 1999 DEC 16 -


99-12-16          0800    To Bedford for morning meeting with the back-office members: Insp. LATHEM, Vic GORMAN, Brian LONDON, Keith STOTHART, Karl CHRISTIANSEN, & Helene BEAULIEU.

            A number of items were discussed, but only several involved me.  The AES meeting from yesterday was generally discussed.  We discussed their request to take samples and this opened up the number of exhibit samples already taken by Wendy NORMAN and when we could expect a report from her.  It seems that some of the exhibits that she took may not have been recorded by anyone other than her.  I mentioned the fact that xxxxx had taken at least one, and that no more were to be taken by anyone other than Ident personnel.  It was agreed that Vic is to go over the protocol for sample taking and ensure that everyone understands that the taking of any exhibit samples will come through me.  Exhibit control was discussed and has to be tightly maintained.  It is to be mentioned at the next TSB weekly meeting for their reminder.

            I also mentioned that I had heard that FOOT would be taking over some of John GARSTANGS responsibilities.  This is something that I will have to discuss with John in the New Year.

            Various tasks were discussed at length, but none involved me.  It seems that a response has been received on our report to H Div., and an operational plan has been requested.  I have not seen or heard about it until now.

            As new business, I mentioned about the upcoming Airflow flight test.  It was very briefly discussed, and I failed to get much support.  LATHEM ended by saying that we would discuss the matter at a later date and make a decision, but that he is not sold on the idea.  Because of the season, I will put together a memo requesting attendance and then it will be on record.

            The meeting concluded just before lunch, and then to the Hangar. 



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