- 1999 NOV 02 -


99-11-02            0730    To CANMET and had a short conversation with Dr. BROWN. I queried him about other processes to back up the AES process.  The AES is the best process to determine elements present at the depths we have to deal with.  He indicated that at Memorial University in St. John’s, there is a Brian FRYER who runs a LIMA or Laser Ionisation (Atomisation) Mass Spectrometer.  It uses a laser to blast a hole about 2 microns wide by 2 to 1 micron deep.  The problem is that 1-micron is 10,000 angstroms.  We run out of our questioned elements by 5000 angstroms, or 2 microns.  So this is of little value.  It will tell us what is in the first 2 micron, but that will include all of the environmental shell.  The ion microprobe is the next likely step, and it will provide details of the compounds present.  However, it scans a larger area than that of the AES, so it is more destructive.

During our conversation, I advised him that he had our support to do as much testing as he thought he needed in order to accurately determine what elements were present.  The problem is that his contract through TSB is to look at suitable beads with the intention of determining the Anderson theory.  This precludes looking at other areas.

I also asked him about the presence of iron in yesterday’s tests and could it be from his own equipment.  His answer was that because the first and last etch showed no iron, then it could not have come from his equipment and had to have come from the bead. 

His comments also indicated that the finding of Nitrogen, Carbon and Silicon in such proportions could be similar to that which is found in plastic explosives.  We also have iron and magnesium that are present in a thermite device.  However, he said that there could be other sources such as the insulation and fibreglass.  He requested that I contact some of our lab people and try to determine what the formulas are for such materials.

To ensure that any future findings or iron are from the bead and not from his equipment, he will underlie the beads with gold foil.  It the raster overlays the edge, gold will show up and not iron from his stage.




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