- 1999 NOV 24 -


99-11-24          0650    Morning routine.  Worked on reports all morning.  Went over the AES report for this date with Vic GORMAN, making several alterations to clarify various matters.  Vic seemed pleased with the report and will add his support to it.  We discussed where it would go in the investigation.  It seems that the meeting of last week with Crim Ops did not produce the results that I had thought, at least not yet.  It seems that in order for us to take certain testing on ourselves, the Force’s position must change in more ways than one.  Right now, funding is from Ottawa for a special code for the Division to assist TSB, key word being assist.  Once we take on certain aspects ourselves, this changes to an investigation on our own, with or without TSB being present.  This requires an alternate code.  Now, Ottawa will have to decide if it remains with ‘H’ Div., or if they take it over, or if they give it to the FBI.  Seems rather a complicated system just to let me do my work the way it should be done.  To alter this requires some extensive political wrangling and will likely include press coverage; something management does not want at all costs.  So, we shall see.  It will be well into the new year before I hear anything back, I am sure.



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