- 1999 OCT 04 -


99-10-04          0700    Routine hangar & morning meeting. 

          Several meetings today over the processing methods at Sheet Harbour.  I am not really involved as will not be here for most of it.  Had a discussion with Andy LATHEM over the sand.  I suggested that should the file go criminal, then we will want to find some way to physically search the sand.  My concern is that the results of the Ottawa AES will not be known until after we have finished with the Sheet Harbour site.  He advised me that the sand would actually be buried on site near NS Power.  They have a gully nearby in which the sand is to be dumped.  He suggested that we get accurate co-ordinates by GPS to determine its boundaries.  I recommended that the area be covered with crushed rock first to create delineation in the earth so we can determine the bottom layer.  It can then be covered with crushed rock to create a top layer.  This is then to be covered with sod.  I have raised the concern, and this appears to be an acceptable answer, keeping in mind the problem of security, etc.  At least it is not being dumped at sea or somewhere that it cannot be retrieved.   8500 cubic meters of material was brought ashore.  Certainly half will be sand and dirt that will filter through the screen.  I donít know at this time how it would be searched, but for a file this big, it certainly would have to be done.

          Also discussed the fact that the preliminary results of Ottawa AES are being kept secret.  I advised Insp. LATHEM that both of the Boeing people took extensive notes, as did Swissair.  The other two must also have noted the observations.  However, nothing has been said by any of the companies.  LATHEM advised that it was not to be mentioned to anyone until such time as the results were final.



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