- 1999 OCT 22 -


99-10-22          0715    Picked up Jim FOOT and to SR Technics.  ….

After lunch, worked on packing blankets, receiving a second box from the Boeing staff.  Then arranged with Michael PORTMANN to get the boxes over to shipping.

But first, he advised that the #9 galley had shown signs of a short circuit when they removed it.  Apparently, several years ago they had a problem with a video wire having shorted out.  The wires had been repaired without removal of the galley.  Photos were taken of the burn area in the aluminium piece of the galley.  Then photos were taken of the frame behind the galley on the aircraft (IWN).  Soot was visible on the green paint.  Then the wires were photographed at Sandro SIRIU’s office.  They were the repaired wires which had been removed during this ‘D’ check.  There was evidence of damage to the outer Kapton coat and still some soot marking on some of the wires.


Finished up at about 2015 hrs.

In a conversation over supper with Jim FOOT, he advised that Boeing do not use their own people to perform tests, etc. which could lead to court.  Instead of risking their own people in civil litigation where they would have no prior experience, they hire an outside agency.  He felt that when they receive the final report from Boeing on the Seattle testing, none of their people would be mentioned by name at all. 

During the conversation, Jim mentioned that the TSB’s budget closes on 00-03-31.  The emergency funding for this file ends then and they do not know if there will be an extension.  He hopes that their director (Bouchard) can swing further moneys and is confident that he will be able to do so.  But if not, then things will quickly grind to a halt.  He felt that their yearly OT budget will only cover the first month and then there will be no money left.  He said that when he is told that he is on a 37.5 hr week, he will pack his bags and fly home and will be sure to do it “on Government time”.  He will not stay in Halifax to work regular hours and have the remaining time to himself.  Nor will anyone else from TSB.  That is why they want to get as much testing done as possible before the funding dries up.

He also advised that the AUGER testing will involve a third set of two weeks as they expect further wires from the latest vacuum which will have to be examined.  Of course, there is no date set for this.

Jim also made a further comment.  He said that he had not ruled out the prospect of an incendiary driven fire.  He said that there is a distinct possibility of this because of the amount of damage done. 



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