- 1999 OCT 25 -


99-10-25          0700    Head out to CANMET to be ready with equipment by the time everyone arrives.  Met with XXXXXXXXXXXX and she advised that she would arrange for a swipe card for the main door and a key to the conference room to make after hours coming and going easier.

People present for the test were Gus SIDLA for TSB, Larry FOGG & John BERRY of Boeing, and myself.  In the afternoon, David A. COLSON, Hollingsead International, Inc. showed up.  He had a pre-made form to fill out for the tests, and had all the material on a 680 AES system.

Started off with a short meeting with Jim BROWN.  He had handout material of the previous Seattle wire test results, but this didnít include the Foxtrot wires.  He advised that he has found that he has to watch closely the sensitivity level for aluminium metal versus aluminium oxide.  It was noted that the nickel-plating on the Seattle wires should be the same as on the HB-IWF wires.  The tin plate should be the same specs, but they were not of the same manufacturer.  BROWN advised Boeing that the tin plate layer on the wire did not seem to be up to spec as far a thickness was concerned.

Larry FOGG advised that they recently learned that there is a third insulation type in the aircraft.  This is FEP for Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene.



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